The life of the International Space Station

18 09 2009

A nice animated construction timeline of the ISS


This little piggy went to the crayon. This little piggy went to the train brake.

18 09 2009

PIG 05049 is a new book by Christien Meindertsma, which documents the 185 end products that utilize some portion of each pig

PIG 05049 is a communications design developed in three years of research to track all the products made from a single pig. 
05049 was an actual pig, raised and slaughtered on a commercial farm in the Netherlands. Rotterdam designer Christien Meindertsma was shocked to discover that she could document 185 products contributed to by the animal. 
Meindertsma’s design includes the publication of her book, PIG 05049, which charts and pictures each of the products supported by the animal.  The surprise is in the fact that elements of production contributed to by pig farming include not only predictable foodstuffs – pork chops and bacon – but far less expected non-food items: ammunition, train brakes, automobile paint, soap and washing powder, bone china, cigarettes.


The caption on the page above reads:

Fatty acids derived from pork bone fat are used as a hardening agent in crayons and also gives them their distinctive smell.

Crayons smell like pig bone fat. Crayons will never smell the same again.

Can you tell me the last president with his own action figure?

18 09 2009

Sure, almost all if the former presidents have their own action figures. George W. Bush even has a Top Gun version. But I’m not sure how many come with their own samurai sword, 9-mm pistol and an assault rifle.

Barack Obama doesn’t even need Secret Service protection, he packs his own handgun. Operatives of the  ‘axis of evil’ should also be on alert, he has his own street sweeper …And his own katana and wakizashi!

Obama Action Figure

Say it ain’t so…

18 09 2009

It looks as if the lastest victim of climate change isn’t an endangered species of aquatic tree frog living in the Amazonian rainforest, but something very near and dear to my heart (no offense to the endangered species of aquatic tree frog living in the Amazonian rainforest).

IF THE sinking Maldives aren’t enough to galvanise action on climate change, could losing a classic beer do it? Climatologist Martin Mozny of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute and colleagues say that the quality of Saaz hops – the delicate variety used to make pilsner lager – has been decreasing in recent years. They say the culprit is climate change in the form of increased air temperature.

Let’s just buy them out

14 08 2009

An interesting suggestion regarding how to win the war in Afghanistan, offered by John McCreary in the August 12 edition of his NightWatch intelligence briefing at AFCEA:

Consider, the US could put all the Taliban fighters on its payroll at twice the daily rate, withdraw all its forces except those needed to guard the paymasters, and buy the insurgency at less cost than maintaining forces, Burger King, Popeye’s, defense contractors and nautilus equipment in Bagram.

The savings in ordnance alone would be enough to buy loyalty of a sort of the insurgents, their families and their clans for as long as the US was wiling to pay. If the Taliban can buy fighters, the US should be able to out bid the Taliban for the same men. This comment intends no disrespect to Afghans; it acknowledges they are among the poorest people on the planet.

For as unorthodox as it sounds to start paying potential Taliban fighters to prevent them from joining the insurgency, when soldiers and innocent civilians are dying everyday, what do we really have to lose??

Don Simpson must be rolling in his grave

29 07 2009

Tell me this doesn’t have Days of Thunder written all over it!

Felipe Massa = Cole Trickle
Michael Shumacher = Russ Wheeler

Massa suffers a horrific accident on the track. Thankfully he recovers and is healthy and able enough to race again. But in his absense, Schumacher wins a few races and becomes the hottest thing in racing since, well, Michael Schumacher, and so he wants to come out of retirement. Ferrari gets screwed with 3 drivers and 2 cars. So they tell Massa to find himself another team. Then Massa t-bones Schumacher on his victory lap at Monaco.

Could get interesting….

The English Language

19 06 2009

This year China will become the world’s largest English-speaking country…

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