2 12 2008

Since when did Russian mail-order brides start advertising on The New York Times website??



21 09 2008

The Ramp Movie

20 06 2008

This is a fantastic viral marketing campaign from BMW. In the same vein as Best in Show and Spinal Tap, this mockumentary follows a German village as they plan to build a ramp to launch a BMW from Bavaria to America. I don’t know why but the teeth kill me. Enjoy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

13 06 2008

I came across this Nike ad this morning during the coffee break at my meeting in Amsterdam. All in all, it’s a fantastic ad, especially with the recent passing of his father and the great music they use.

2 06 2008

Very creative commercial for the Renault Sandero, featuring a cover of ‘Elephant Gun’ by Beirut.

[via Danimal Owens]