You gotta be shitting me!

25 08 2010

I get annoyed when I’m waiting for a tram for more than 10 minutes. Waiting in a traffic jam for 9 days? I feel bad for the guy who’s stuck behind the wheel of the Porta-Potty truck. I’d abandon my car and call it a day. Smell you later


Let’s just buy them out

14 08 2009

An interesting suggestion regarding how to win the war in Afghanistan, offered by John McCreary in the August 12 edition of his NightWatch intelligence briefing at AFCEA:

Consider, the US could put all the Taliban fighters on its payroll at twice the daily rate, withdraw all its forces except those needed to guard the paymasters, and buy the insurgency at less cost than maintaining forces, Burger King, Popeye’s, defense contractors and nautilus equipment in Bagram.

The savings in ordnance alone would be enough to buy loyalty of a sort of the insurgents, their families and their clans for as long as the US was wiling to pay. If the Taliban can buy fighters, the US should be able to out bid the Taliban for the same men. This comment intends no disrespect to Afghans; it acknowledges they are among the poorest people on the planet.

For as unorthodox as it sounds to start paying potential Taliban fighters to prevent them from joining the insurgency, when soldiers and innocent civilians are dying everyday, what do we really have to lose??

The World’s Biggest Diamond Heist

12 06 2009

This is the untold story of the the biggest diamond heist in history

The vault was thought to be impenetrable. It was protected by 10 layers of security, including infrared heat detectors, Doppler radar, a magnetic field, a seismic sensor, and a lock with 100 million possible combinations. The robbery was called the heist of the century, and even now the police can’t explain exactly how it was done.


Notarbartolo reflected on his interactions with the diamond dealer, and a thought flashed through his mind: Maybe the dealer wasn’t operating alone. If he tipped off a group of his fellow merchants, they could have pulled their inventory out of the vault before the heist. Each could then claim that their gems were stolen and collect the insurance while secretly keeping their stones. Most had safes in their offices—they could have simply kept the stock there. Notarbartolo realized that the heist he had spent so much time planning might have actually been part of an elaborate insurance scam.

where gmail links come to die

29 10 2008

The Millenials and the Age of Entitlement (WSJ)

Fascinating article about how British Intelligence used a laundromat to identify IRA bomb houses in Ireland (Washington Post)

The Endorsement from Hell: Nothing like getting a last minute endorsement from Public Enemy #1 (NYT)

6 10 2008

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Though I’m not surprised The New Yorker endorsed Barack Obama, the editors do a superb job of hitting all of the points and issues that really matter: Iraq, the economy, ethical issues, like Guantanamo Bay and torture, and especially the Supreme Court. But most of all, I agree with the point that Barack Obama’s temperament and poise is what sets him apart from John McCain and is what we need now more than ever.

6 08 2008

I don’t even know how to respond to this.

The judge said he threw out the case not through lack of evidence but because the employer had acted gallantly rather than criminally.

“If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children,” the judge ruled.

Since Soviet times, sexual harassment in Russia has become an accepted part of life in the office, work place and university lecture room.

[via: The Lumsden]

4 08 2008

This might be one of the most truly interesting websites I have come across recently. In particular, the ‘A Radioactive River Runs Through It’ post shed some light on a few things I wasn’t exactly aware of. For example, I was unaware of the fact that they are trying to put a rail line across the country that will be carrying nuclear waste.

Both are considered very important to national security and therefore must be controlled. The river, of course, has its dams and levees and navigational locks, courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers, but it also has a proto-nervous and proto-immune systems constantly monitoring any abnormal levels of natural activities, which if detected, will be taken care of by a cadre of engineers. The rails will no doubt have its own security barriers, a surveillance system and a disaster management protocol.
..The Romantic and the Pastoral landscape replaced by an anxious terrain in constant threat of a sonic blast.

In all honesty, are these dickheads getting their ideas from 24?