Sense of scale

20 08 2010

BBC, with the help of BERG, has launched BBC Dimensions, a website that allows you to orientate important events, places and things within the context of familiar space. For example, if the Greater Pacific Garbage Patch were floating over my flat in Prague, it would stretch from the Eastern boarder of the Ukraine to roughly 740 miles west off the southern coast of Ireland.


Netflix rental queues for 2009

9 01 2010

Netflix has released their queueing data for 12 of the largest metropolitan areas for 2009. The New York Times put the data into nifty maps broken down by zip code, where you can scroll across a ‘Most Rented-Least Rented’ scale to see which movies were most popular in each zip code.

It’s interesting to see which titles are most popular and fun to try and figure out why Romancing the Stone and Crocodile Dundee 2 made the top 10 list for LaGuardia airport.

More on Outer Space..

24 10 2009

As always, National Geographic as published another awesome map of man’s exploration of our solar system and beyond.