Netflix rental queues for 2009

9 01 2010

Netflix has released their queueing data for 12 of the largest metropolitan areas for 2009. The New York Times put the data into nifty maps broken down by zip code, where you can scroll across a ‘Most Rented-Least Rented’ scale to see which movies were most popular in each zip code.

It’s interesting to see which titles are most popular and fun to try and figure out why Romancing the Stone and Crocodile Dundee 2 made the top 10 list for LaGuardia airport.


Don Simpson must be rolling in his grave

29 07 2009

Tell me this doesn’t have Days of Thunder written all over it!

Felipe Massa = Cole Trickle
Michael Shumacher = Russ Wheeler

Massa suffers a horrific accident on the track. Thankfully he recovers and is healthy and able enough to race again. But in his absense, Schumacher wins a few races and becomes the hottest thing in racing since, well, Michael Schumacher, and so he wants to come out of retirement. Ferrari gets screwed with 3 drivers and 2 cars. So they tell Massa to find himself another team. Then Massa t-bones Schumacher on his victory lap at Monaco.

Could get interesting….

Interpreting Dreams

6 05 2009

I know it’s been way too long since I last posted and I promise I’ll pick up the slack in the coming weeks, but I felt compelled to share with you this random dream I had last night.

Before I discuss the dream I had, I need to mention that Daša and I had a conversation at dinner last night about dream interpretations. She said that night before last she had a dream where while she was smoking a cigarette, she found out she was pregnant. After learning she was pregnant, she tried to put out the cigarette for the sake of the baby, but for some reason she wasn’t able to.

So after she woke up, she referenced an online snář (a Czech dream book), which told her that her dream, with regards to being pregnant and single,  meant that her boyfriend was being unfaithful, which is not the case. Anyways, this led to our next conversation about recurring dreams and their respective interpretations.

I have had two recurring dreams that I can remember. The first is I will be doing some outdoor activity (riding a bike or walking down the street) and all of a sudden I’ll be hit by an ambulance. The second of my recurring dreams revolves around me exploring a house I have never been in before. It’s always the same house and I’ve been inside so many times, I could draw pictures of each room and where they are located within the house. The only catch is that this house is always in a different location each time I visit it. Once it was on top of a mountain; another time it was on a deserted beach, a normal ‘Dennis the Menace’ neighborhood street, and in the middle of a city.

Now, I don’t have the slightest clue as to what these dreams mean. I suppose I could look them up in a dream book and search for some far-reaching interpretation, but I feel as though if I were to do so, I would stop having these dreams. Granted the ambulance recurring dream isn’t ideal, but I find the idea of recurring dreams fascinating and I wouldn’t want them to stop, no matter how disturbing or interesting they may be.

This leads me back to the original story about the dream I had last night and why I hope it will turn into a recurring one. In the initial portion of my dream, my mom, my dad and myself are driving around in a black Suburban. We are all wearing dark suits and sunglasses. My mom is driving and my dad and I are in the third row seats. In the vacant middle seat is Barack Obama, and we’re off-roading in Baja, Mexico. No one is speaking to each other and everyone has a serious look on their face as we’re charging up the front face of a sand dune, lurching the behemoth vehicle into the air, and crashing down the other side. It’s business as usual it seems. After finishing with off-roading, I am dropped off at a swanky dinner party in what feels like Southern California. After some drinks and hor’dourves, I make my way out to the back lawn where the Ghostbusters (in their brown jumpsuits and proton packs. And I’m talking about the live action Ghostbusters: Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. Ernie Winston wasn’t there for some reason. I forgot to ask) are engaging in a lively debate. I join in the conversation and they inform me that they have all been elected as the local mayor but none of them will accept defeat. So what do they decide to do?  Bocce ball, of course. The last thing I remember of this dream is that Harold Ramis went first and his ball was pretty damn close to the jack.

Random as it may seem, I am quite interested to find an interpretation for this dream. I couldn’t even begin to guess what may come from a dream interpretation, but I think it would be worth it in this case. On the other head, I’m not even sure where to looking for an interpretation of a dream of this nature. Would it be filed under Barack Obama off-roading or Ghostbusters lawn-bowling? Maybe it’s a dream that needs no disecting or meaning. It is what it is. I also really do wish this is a recurring dream because I’m dying to know who wins that game of Bocce.


14 11 2008

A follow-up to this summer’s Pixar release, Wall-E, this short film follows Burn-E as he works to replace a malfunctioning light on the spaceship

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more about “Burn-E“, posted with vodpod

Blast from the past

3 08 2008

Turned on slingbox this morning and what do I find?

Wait for it..

Troop Beverly Hills with Shelly Long and Mr. Craig T. Nelson. Unfortunately, I only caught the second half, but I kept thinking about the potential for a remake of this historic film.

More to come on this…

22 07 2008

Please tell me this is true!! This has to be one of my all time favorite movies and I think the premise sounds awesome:

The prequel would be set earlier in that same summer, and part of the joke would be that the cast who was ten years too old to be playing their parts would now be playing younger versions of those same roles, but this time be twenty years too old.

I hope the talking can of beans makes an appearance.

10 06 2008

5 things I didn’t know when I woke up this morning:

1. They’re making a Wham! movie. [The Guardian]
2. 33% of the world’s smokers live in China and 3 million people start smoking each year. 90% of China’s smokers are men and the average man smokes 20 cigarettes each day. [National Geographic]
3. Zurich is the top city for expats. [Financial Times]
4. Traffic in La Paz, Bolivia is so dangerous that its mayor started a program to have youths dressed as zebras help people across the city’s busiest intersections. [Monocle]
5. Brain surgeons don’t hold their cell phones up to their ears. [NY Times]