3 09 2008

Somehow I collect a lot of random music on my computer. Some obviously comes from the music I buy, while some is downloaded when I’m not looking by people I don’t know. I also have ripped a good amount of music from people’s iPods and whatnot. So recently I have taken it upon myself to go through all 4,955 songs and listen to each and every one of them. What follows is a little gem I have come across that previously I had never heard before.



8 08 2008

For some reason, I have been listening to ‘Dream Weaver’ by Gary Wright a lot recently. I don’t know why. But after a quick search on the internets, this video only confirms my questioned interest.

5 06 2008

4 06 2008

I’m not quite sure what to say, except that Bobby McFerrin is quite, exceptional? Although, I’m fairly certain he put his head in that woman’s pumit* at the end of the second clip.

*note the first example they give after the definition. Two awesome words: pumit and trousers