3 09 2008

I apologize for my prolonged absence.

Now without further ado, I present the second article in the Zach Blaue series for The Prague Post. In this piece, Blaue examines two former atomic fallout shelters in Prague. The first is located under Prague Castle and is still incomplete and unused, while the second is underneath Parukářka Hill in Žižkov and acts as a nightclub and performance venue.

Two atomic shelters in particular offer interesting counterpoints, dug on prominent sites on opposite sides of the river and subsequently neglected. In the years since the Velvet Revolution, they have come to terms in strikingly different ways with the growth and change in the surrounding city.


24 07 2008

This is the first article in a series written by Zach Blaue for The Prague Post. Studying under a Fulbright scholarship, Zach explored the hidden side of Prague, studying the architecture of its forgotten sites. In his first article, he writes about what lies beneath Letna Park.

Around the rest of the cavern, calcified stalactites of wastewater hang tentatively from the concrete ceilings. On the walls, grotesque graffiti characters flicker into sight under the flashlights’ beams, then fall away into darkness. The only sound is the muffled thunder of the Metronome’s ponderous machinery above, and the only illumination beyond our meager flashlight beams is from the open doorway, now a tiny square of white, far in the distance. The black vastness of the space is overwhelming.