Don Simpson must be rolling in his grave

29 07 2009

Tell me this doesn’t have Days of Thunder written all over it!

Felipe Massa = Cole Trickle
Michael Shumacher = Russ Wheeler

Massa suffers a horrific accident on the track. Thankfully he recovers and is healthy and able enough to race again. But in his absense, Schumacher wins a few races and becomes the hottest thing in racing since, well, Michael Schumacher, and so he wants to come out of retirement. Ferrari gets screwed with 3 drivers and 2 cars. So they tell Massa to find himself another team. Then Massa t-bones Schumacher on his victory lap at Monaco.

Could get interesting….


24 05 2008

Saw this clip the other day and couldn’t help but think that this guy does one hell of an impression of Daniel Day Lewis.

“…when it comes to the clambake, they won’t be there.”