Sense of scale

20 08 2010

BBC, with the help of BERG, has launched BBC Dimensions, a website that allows you to orientate important events, places and things within the context of familiar space. For example, if the Greater Pacific Garbage Patch were floating over my flat in Prague, it would stretch from the Eastern boarder of the Ukraine to roughly 740 miles west off the southern coast of Ireland.


4 08 2008

This might be one of the most truly interesting websites I have come across recently. In particular, the ‘A Radioactive River Runs Through It’ post shed some light on a few things I wasn’t exactly aware of. For example, I was unaware of the fact that they are trying to put a rail line across the country that will be carrying nuclear waste.

Both are considered very important to national security and therefore must be controlled. The river, of course, has its dams and levees and navigational locks, courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers, but it also has a proto-nervous and proto-immune systems constantly monitoring any abnormal levels of natural activities, which if detected, will be taken care of by a cadre of engineers. The rails will no doubt have its own security barriers, a surveillance system and a disaster management protocol.
..The Romantic and the Pastoral landscape replaced by an anxious terrain in constant threat of a sonic blast.

In all honesty, are these dickheads getting their ideas from 24?